Penguin Warriors Claim Ice Cold Very Serious

Penguin Warriors Claim Ice Cold! Don't Press your luck LCP. We are coming for you next. … Read More

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Invasion of Ice Berg

Invasion of Ice Berg.

Chrisdog93 chat group – Chrisdog93s ClubPenguinCP Chat!

Chrisdog93 chat group – Chrisdog93s ClubPenguinCP Chat!.

Penguin Warriors claim slippers

Penguin Warriors claim slippers.

I Can’t

I can’t find cadence.I know I already met her at music jam and got her background but penguins keep on saying get off the metal square dance floor!!!But I say no she is not ,she nver did but people don’t understand!!!



March29 we have training at iceberg on Tuxedo.If tuxedo is full we will have training on beanie or Snow drift.Do not miss it!


Ok guys just saying I came up with a name for our army.The Nerds of Cp.So for short it’s called The Nerds.So yell me if you like it in the comment box.”You know what they say got to get feedback!”

About Army

Our army is called The IceBergs..Now basically jdar and oarngedude helped me.Espically chrisdog!This army is very serious.Jdar is helping me ally because he owns his own army called the lolsofcp army.I’m in that army and in Parkacp.So I also am added to lolsofcp as adminasrtor too.So join and I will try too reply as much as I can.